Books, Coffee and More

ESC volunteering at LAG SJN

Local Action Group Saint John of Nepomuk has been awarded the Quality Label, accreditation number: 2019-1-CZ01-ESC52-078234. As such, we can act as a sending as well as receiving organisation, so as to work with international volunteers willing to explore the beauties of the South Pilsen region as well as with our local persons wanting to participate in ESC projects abroad. 

At this point, our project Books, Coffee and More is active and seeking applicants. However, due to the pandemic, many of our activities have been severely limited or transferred into on-line mode. We are hoping that the situation improves soon, meaning that the activities related to the project will restore, and that the presence of a volunteer will become meaningful again.

The project contains two parts, each stay being 2 months long. As the books and coffee in the name suggest, one position is related to activities in the local Community Centre and the LIbrary. The volunteer in this position will be working with the LAG SJN office and prepare the Centre for various activities, seminars and other events; this will include preparation of technology, refreshments, as well as cleaning of the room after the event. 

The Apples component of the project is related to a strong local tradition, the preparation of apple juice. LAG SJN owns and operates a mobile apple press unit that allows the inhabitants from the remote villages to process the apples from their gardens into local, ecological, healthy juice. This service, however, is limited to the availability of apples; therefore, this part of the stay will be more effective in late summer and early autumn, when the apples are available. The volunteer in this section of the project will also act as assistant to orchard owners many of whom are elderly persons with impaired health, living in the rural area. The mobility of the apple press is planned as a combination of the juice preparation as well as the operation of a mobile cafe. For this, the volunteer would be preparing other refreshments as well, especially cakes and other sweets.

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